2016 – 2017 LES ART CLUB

Congratulations to this year's selected Art Club members!

 4th Grade Art Club:

 Halen A.
 Kaitlyn B.
 Natalee G.
 Sophie G.
 Clara Beth H.
 Helena H.
 Hannalyse H.
 Sydney M.
 Scout T.

 5th Grade Art Club:

 Alexa A.
Anna Grace A .
Tripp B .
Chris B .
Dylan D .
Chloe E .
Robert F .
Sophie L .
Julia M .
 Kate M.
Armida R. 
 Gracyn S.
 Samantha T.
 Amelia W.

We are doing our first clay project Friday! Photos to come...

2015 – 2016 LES ART CLUB
What a fun year we had last year as the first Art Club of Leeds Elementary School! I am so proud of these amazing little artists!

To wrap up the year, here is a short list of the major projects we accomplished in 2015-16:
      • A beautiful Shining Star Float in the Leeds Christmas Parade
      • A Ceramics Project and Field Trip done in collaboration with Leeds High School Art Department
      • Sixteen Block Printed Signs in Spanish for all facilities throughout LES 
      • Front and Back Covers of the 2015-16 LES Yearbook
      • A 27' x 8' Mural in the LES Courtyard

9/9/2016 - Using air-dry clay, Art Club made owls last Friday and are painting them with acrylic today.
5th grade:                                                4th grade:

2015-2016 LES ART CLUB