2017 – 2018 LES ART CLUB

Congratulations to this year's selected Art Club members!

 4th Grade Art Club:

Aaliyah H.
Cal T.
 Ava G.
Jackie B.
Ruby R.
 Dakota B.
Lulu M.
Kinley B.

 5th Grade Art Club:

Kaitlyn B.
Natalee G.
 Sophie G.
Clara Beth H.
Helena H.
 Hannalyse H.
 Sydney M.
 Scout T.
Helen P.
Savannah W.
Emily M.
Selah L.
McKinnon B.
Rebecca M.
Audrey W. 
Aubry M. 

We are doing our first clay project Friday! Photos to come...

Parents/Guardians of newly accepted 2017-18 Art Club Members:
Tear off the bottom section of the Permission Slip and return to me filled out and signed along with $30 by Friday, September 8, 2017.

2015-2016 LES ART CLUB