All about me:

Hello! My name is Lauren Prickett and this is my fourth year teaching third grade at LES. I used to teach first grade in Florida, and I got married in Florida ltwo years ago at the beach! My husband's name is Will, and my cat is Aubie. I chose that name for my kitty because I went to Auburn University (and that's the college mascot's name). 

Contact Me:
Phone: (205) 699-4500

-chik fil a
-Playing with my cat
-Coke zero
-Football tailgating 
-The beach
-Shopping at Target

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School supplies:
Please bring your school supplies to meet the teacher day on August 9 from 1:00-4:00. 

Wish list:
-Clorox kitchen spray (bleach free)
-sports illustrated kids subscription
-Lysol aerosol spray
-Book store gift certificates (so we can grow our class library!)
-8.9x11.4 thermal laminating pouches (available online or from Target/Walmart)
-Small vacuum cleaner

Class schedule: